Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Silence of the Rooftop.

The silence of the rooftop.

It shall never acclaim the serious and light-hearted conversations it overhead as we lay atop it. Talking of dreams and hopes and desires and wonders and questions and answers and life and then... silence.

But the silence was sometimes even more beautiful and glorious and pleasant than all the meaningful and meaningless letters organized into words and then sentences. The silence alone was worth the entire trip I made to see you. Something about the comfort level and familiarity was reassuring and knowing and... well, I can only compare it to a vague understanding of the Peace of God.


So we watched the spotlights circle and the sounds of the chopper flying overhead. We pretended and laughed and made up stories of Bonnie and Clyde - we became them and we were the source of this chase. I loved every millisecond of it. There is something about the collision of us, the joining of us, the misled hearts and minds and creativity and wonder that we bring together that is


And as always, the bandits Time and Change arrived so very quickly, showing us that as Bonnie and Clyde we knew nothing of thievery. They took everything we had and so much more that we didn’t understand then. Nothing was the same after that. Our laughter slowed and the space between grew and we always wonder whether it was fate or a grand mistake that they found us so quickly.

They swore to come back again should we talk about them, and I heard of a nearby incident last night that brought them back to mind.

They were right down the street.

So now, I ask you, do we pretend that they don’t exist, talking not of them and giving them all the control...


Do we grab our guns, put on our war paint, smirk at each other and attack the two thieves, catching them by surprise?

You know my choice. It’s the same every time. I am not one to shirk from the gunfire, friend, so meet me on the battlefield.

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I live amongst the dragons and the warriors of the 21st century. I surround myself with both the peasants, the aristocrats; the knights and the maidens. For a long time (now quite in the past), I wove the structure of my life around the mold others saw for me. I've since learned to live for God and myself. Freedom comes and goes as I remember this lesson of mine. But my life is MY life: a series of events and remembering such. And this, this beautiful montage, is why I wake up every morning. God willing.