Sunday, May 31, 2009


I had a dream last night. One thing that Mel knows about me is that I very frequently wake up from an entire night of restful sleep, remembering absolutely no dreams. Lately, it seems as though I've been waking in the middle of them, thereby helping me to remember them better.

My dream last night involved a dream within a dream (DWID). In the DWID, Mel and I had returned to Orlando shortly after Walt, and I think we were at a welcome back party. In the dream, at the party, and in the following scenes, I was internally ill at ease with being back home. I knew in my heart that I should have stayed in Australia for the time being, and I was struggling to be in Orlando. I couldn't afford to come back to Australia, so I was having a difficult time even being present.

I don't often feel that my dreams have significant meaning, but there are times that they have a spiritual aura, such as this one. Mel and I have already been in the mindset of wanting to live here in Sydney, trying to find housing, jobs, etc, but this dream solidified my desires and confirmed our decision.

For the time being, Sydney is my home. :)

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I live amongst the dragons and the warriors of the 21st century. I surround myself with both the peasants, the aristocrats; the knights and the maidens. For a long time (now quite in the past), I wove the structure of my life around the mold others saw for me. I've since learned to live for God and myself. Freedom comes and goes as I remember this lesson of mine. But my life is MY life: a series of events and remembering such. And this, this beautiful montage, is why I wake up every morning. God willing.