Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The door opens, the door closes
The revolving door spins, quickly.
People arrive, people depart
I, the watcher, merely observe.

So it was, until recently.

Now, I leave, unnoticeably
Striding through the twisting exit
Whispers of the past echoing.
Calls of the future bellowing.

Farewell, overwhelming clusters
Good morning, solitude and self.

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I live amongst the dragons and the warriors of the 21st century. I surround myself with both the peasants, the aristocrats; the knights and the maidens. For a long time (now quite in the past), I wove the structure of my life around the mold others saw for me. I've since learned to live for God and myself. Freedom comes and goes as I remember this lesson of mine. But my life is MY life: a series of events and remembering such. And this, this beautiful montage, is why I wake up every morning. God willing.