Saturday, February 28, 2009

This me & You thing

i relate to You best
in utter silence
creaking wooden floors
chuckling beneath my feet
air conditioning
cycling on and then off again
this is how i hear You,
amongst basic vibrations

in the social scene around me
the dust has quickly settled
revealing effort and character
supporting reality and depth
superficiality has checked out, 
departed from this ghost town
leaving me a bit dirty, but joyous

and thus it all revolves around You

as it should

as it was always meant to

people sigh
i hear their voices laden with frustration
i watch their attitudes clashing
their perceptions battling
the hearts wanting to find level fields
pastures to lie in
meadows of simplicity

they will get here

on the far side of these grassy expanses
i sit watching with field glasses
atop a short stout plateau
sitting back with You
Your words
Your peace

it's all that i need

and as i ponder You
we feel the vibrant silence
until the air conditioner kicks back on
until the neighbor's noise pollution reaches my ears

but i just smile

and relish this combination

this whole me and You thing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome back, Jeannie.

I've had a day and a half back in Florida. Yesterday, I walked out of the chilly airport into the beautiful February weather that this state has to offer. After being in 30 degree temperatures for almost 3 weeks, to say I appreciated the day doesn't suffice. It was stunning, great for the soul. 

I took Leslie to work today, and she let me borrow her jeep. I drove the mundane route home, but it was transformed into a beautiful scenic highway. It mattered not that I know Sand Lake and Kirkman like the back of my hand; it was irrelevant that I have traversed this trail many, many times. It was mind-blowing.

I spent the afternoon debating politics with Drew over Chickfila. It was an impromptu trip, based on his spontaneous phone call. It seems that he and I are consistently debating politics. He's a devout Obama supporter and we've never seen eye to eye on his support of our new Prez. Many times, he'll give me a statement he believes in, and I'll just debate with him for sheer sport. He knows this and loves it. But don't you feel sorry for him - he does the same to me, except he might be more adept at it. His comment to me as I left him at Kate's house was: I'll see you soon and we'll debate some more.

I told him it couldn't be about politics.

We'll talk CS Lewis or theology instead.

I drove back down I-4 in the ruby red jeep, weaving in and out of traffic, wishing that the top was down. Les and I verbally spar about the jeep top. She has refused to take it off for anything less majestic than a beach trip - which we haven't yet done in her jeep. I can't understand the point of having a jeep in Floridian spring unless you take the top off. I know she expects me to show up to pick her up this afternoon topless. The jeep, that is. Maybe on Friday!

Tonight, more time to spend with some of my favorite people in Orlando. We're going to Dandy's on Colonial. Tiff and I first met with Chris Slankard here when we were heading up our sphere, Disappointment with God. We wanted to hang with him and get to know him better. Somehow that has transformed into many early evenings over a Scattegories board... which in turn developed into debates over ridiculous answers (Something that is in the sky... Rocks. This is still an ongoing debate, trust me. He plans to write a book with this title someday: There ARE Rocks in the Sky. In fact, we've often discussed how many will believe it to be a truly groundbreaking statement, expecting a book on life and love and happiness. They will be either incredibly disappointed or infinitely entertained by its true content.)

So tonight, we cheers to one last Scattegories tournament. Walter, Carolina and Alecia plan to join, which will mix up the pre-existing regulars at our Scattegories table. I might add that I'm rather excited to add two logical ENTJs to the mix to balance out these wacky and creative types that are usually at odds with my black and white world.

Now for the rest of you that I haven't been lucky enough to see yet: let's get on it. 

But a lot of the time, I don't have a car.

Orlando, I'm relishing your love, your people, and your sunshine.

How I ADORE you.

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